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Antarctic sea ice reaches greatest extent so late in season (BTW, Weather is another passion of mine.)

The Disney effect needed to attract new bus riders IMHO. The Commute of the Future – via @WSJ

I recently began a new job with an ITS software consulting firm in Atlanta.  I have copied some ground rules I set for myself when I began jobs in 2007 and 2010 into this post and updated them as needed.

1) I will not discuss any proprietary information on future business opportunities or on active projects.
2) My posts will be similar to what one might hear or discuss at a meeting of a transportation-related group meeting.
3) I will talk about current events related to ITS, Connected Vehicle and traffic as well as innovations in the works.
4) I will attempt to talk about what the Federal Government and other states and maybe countries are doing in the area of ITS – again only knowledge in the public domain

Digital Maps Assist Emergency Responders

Georgia Approves Plan to Adjust Speeds on I-285 | via @13wmaznews

@mccain_inc St. Cloud, MN

Had a great time at #nrits and #grits this week in Biloxi. Rural ITS Southern Style.

Wish I vould be there. @its_america @BArayAustinTX @RyanWiggins

Anyone else going to #Biloxi next week from the #NRITS conference to discuss rural intelligent transportation #ITS

Malfunction blinds cameras on Ga. 400 north of Atlanta, GA via @sharethis