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Everyone likes lists and especially Top Ten Lists.  David Letterman has been doing one for 3 decades or more.  I thought I would take a stab at a transportation list.  I wanted to highlight the most important transportation facilities in Georgia.  I do not want all of them to be automobile-based.  In fact I am […]

My son is home sick today and is currently watching Phineas and Ferb on Disney Channel.   If you do not have kids in your family you may be unaware, but these two boys are 9 and 12 year-old step-brothers who each week build something incredible to have fun on their summer vacation.  They have […]

As time gets closer (July 31st) to the twelve regions in Georgia voting on the T-SPLOST sales tax proposal, the campaigns are heating up in the media and the public square.  Most people who share my political views on other issues disagree with me on the need for the T-SPLOST.  I believe that the people […]

For years, even decades when you thought of road transportation in Georgia, you thought of GDOT.  It was GDOT that built the roads, maintained them and managed the traffic on them.  It was GDOT that created the Georgia NaviGAtor program for ITS solutions starting in 1996.  Certainly this agency will continue to do these same […]

In Atlanta, highway transportation milestones are heralded as possible panaceas for the congestion that has its boot on the throat of the Atlanta commuter and has done so for a number of years.  Early on, progress was swift.  Atlanta had its main routes (75 and 85) through the city and its perimeter (285) completed earlier than most […]

The news for the Georgia Transportation Tax does not look good.  Polls are predicting its quick defeat in 2012.  Being a transportation professional and a fiscal conservative puts me in a conundrum.  I am not normally a proponent of a tax increase, but our transportation needs are dire and threaten our state;s economic engine if not adequately addressed. I keep […]

Wow, with my JAVA Programming class and everything else going on – had no idea I had skipped 8 weeks blogging! I thought I’d offer some food for thought on the transportation guns versus butter debate.  Not a judgment but a couple of examples. On Bernie Wagenblasts’s newsletter I found this interesting story from Australia. […]

Seems like an odd title – at least in this country where we typically don’t have armed guards over our highways. 🙂  In my last post, I introduced the parallel between funding transportation to our overall Federal funding mechanisms in the US. As a civil engineering student, most of what we learned about in the […]

Back when I was in high school, Reagan was president and there was a political battle over how much to spend on the military and how much on social programs and entitlements.  (We of course have the same issue today.)  What I remember about back then is that the media called it a battle between […]

There have been a few stories in the AJC recently about how Georgia only got enough high-speed rail money to buy one of the McMansions in nearby Milton, GA ($750,000).  Whereas Florida and North Carolina together garnered around $2 Billion.  Some may accuse this as being a red-state/blue-state thing, but that would be too easy […]