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Last night I was shocked to see what happened on a section of elevated I-85 northeast of downtown Atlanta.  Once we were all thrilled than no one was hurt or injured it was time to think about how bad this is for Atlanta and the region. There will be investigation as to why flamable materials […]

It is time to reveal the #1 most significant transportation facility in Georgia. Access to my prior three posts and items 2 through 10 on the list may be found here. Number One (1) Savannah River and Port – Some may argue that the Atlanta Airport or one of the clogged freeways in Atlanta should be ranked here, […]

Continuing our countdown to the top transportation facility in Georgia, here are my previous posts: My first post for items 8, 9 and 10 is here. My second post for items 5, 6 and 7 is here. I have three more positions to offer today – 4, 3 and 2. Number 4. (Four) MARTA – The […]

Continuing my theme from my last post where I listed items 8 thru 10, I will list three more transportation facilities in Georgia of significance. Number 7. (Seven) Rome Spur (I-75 to 411 connector) – This link to the AJC provides a good summary of the issue.  By listing this route as #7, I do […]

Living in Atlanta, the poster child of bad traffic and limited resources to resolve it, I have seen a lot of solutions tried to solve the problems we have. Indeed I work for a company whose job it is to install software systems to manage intelligent transportation devices. We have a measure of success , […]

I know, only a road geek would go with his wife and son to Florida to a 4 Disney parks and Legoland and write a blog post about transportation. My observations include five main points: 1. The Disney Fastpass draws upon the same economic theory that makes Hot lanes, or toll HOV lanes, work. I […]

One could compare the nation’s transportation to an octopus. Pulled in 8 directions as what needs to be fixed or built with little money.

#GDOT (Georgia) tries low-cost innovation (variable speed limits #VSL ) as alternative to adding lanes via @sharethis

What do you look for in a public-facing traffic management website?

Antarctic sea ice reaches greatest extent so late in season (BTW, Weather is another passion of mine.)