My name is Joe Gillis and I am a Transportation Consultant and Project Manager living in Alpharetta, Georgia . This blog will be a place to share my research and knowledge of the transportation industry, list related links and receive input from others interested in the technology or industry. I am also interested in technologies in the area of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). For my ITS commentary, please read my Intelligent Transportation Blog.  IntelliDrive

I have worked on projects for the Federal DOT, state DOTs and local municipalities helping them to implement new ITS solutions or improve their traffic operations using ITS tools.

    Experience and Skill Highlights:
  • PMI-certified Project Manager (PMP)
  • URS-certified Project Manager
  • Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)
  • Presented Technical Reports to National ITS Conferences
  • Developed ITS Architectures / Proficient with Turbo Architecture
  • Followed QA/QC plans and System Engineering (V-Diagram) procedures
  • Developed ITS Concepts of Operations
  • Served as POC for VII/IntelliDrive/Connected vehicle in the Atlanta URS Office
  • Knowledgeable of Transportation Management Center Operations
  • Prepared and developed ATMS Plans and Reports
  • Recommended Strategic ITS Deployments and Implementations

A quick note about comments – because of spam, I am restricting comments.  Feel free to email me.