It is time to reveal the #1 most significant transportation facility in Georgia. Access to my prior three posts and items 2 through 10 on the list may be found here.

Number One (1)

Savannah River and Port – Some may argue that the Atlanta Airport or one of the clogged freeways in Atlanta should be ranked here, but I am looking at the big picture.  What really matters is business and the movement of freight.  Without that, there are fewer jobs and fewer opportunities.  Deepening the channel in the Savannah River is paramount to a successful Georgia economy moving forward.  This project has been in various stages of planning for well over a decade and there is a race of sorts as to which east coast port will be able to take advantage of the deepening of the Panama Canal.  In one way or another, this one facility impacts many of the other 9 items on the list as goods are shipped to the Multimodal center in Austell and then onward by train and truck to points far and wide – especially in Georgia and the southeast US.  One note of disappointment was that the Savannah region did not pass the T-SPLOST which would have included road improvements between the port and I-16.  Although much maligned as one of the most boring interstates in the country, this road has the potential to haul even more freight when the port is deepened.