Continuing our countdown to the top transportation facility in Georgia, here are my previous posts:

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I have three more positions to offer today – 4, 3 and 2.

Number 4. (Four)

MARTA – The sometimes maligned transit provider for Fulton and Dekalb counties in Metro Atlanta provides passenger rail and bus service to two counties in Metro Atlanta.  Bus service is pretty typical for a city of Atlanta’s size – routes go to serve the need, frequencies are better in the city center and poor in the suburbs.  Train servce is mostly inside the perimeter (ITP). Extension outside the perimeter beyond the Doraville and North Springs stations has been thwarted on a number of occasions and will continue to come up as an option as traffic becomes worse and worse – especially on GA 400 (you may see that road again in this post 🙂 )   MARTA struggles to cover its costs and given that densities outside the city center are not enough to sustain transit, it is not surprising.  MARTA is most frequently used by those who do not want to use their car – usually for financial reasons.  A few young urbanites consider it ‘hip’ to use transit.  Suburbanites usually only use MARTA for airport parking (Atlanta is better than Washington DC in this area – at least 2016) or parking for downtown events where parking is limited or crowds are large.

Number 3. (Three)

GA 400 – In 40 years, GA 400 has gone from a laughingstock that was so little used that Smokey and the Bandit filmed rural interstate scenes there, to a brutal commute nightmare.  When the tolls are removed in a few weeks it will become even worse.  GA 400 has had lanes added ober the years but it is still the most congested road in atlanta.  If Atlanta wants to be serious about fixing transportation, this route is a place to start – especially the intersection with the I-285 perimeter.  There are long-term plans to add a HOT lane somewhere somehow in the future.  Recent “band-aid” fixes have involved turning shoulder lanes into main lanes during AM rush hours.

Number 2. (Two)

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport – No-brainer; the busiest airport in the world has to make this list.  Arguably this airport has made Atlanta the hub of the south instead of Birmingham (believe it or not), Charlotte or Memphis.  Actually, it may not be arguable.

My next post will be the #1 Transportation Facility in Georgia.  Can you guess what it is?