Continuing my theme from my last post where I listed items 8 thru 10, I will list three more transportation facilities in Georgia of significance.

Number 7. (Seven)

Rome Spur (I-75 to 411 connector) – This link to the AJC provides a good summary of the issue.  By listing this route as #7, I do not imply that other roads in metro Atlanta (ones not yet to come) are not more significant.  However, for such a short route this can have a significant impact on a 25 mile corridor.  The July 2012 TSPLOST that could have funded this route failed to win in this region of the state.  The hold-up is one land owner who will not sell.  There may also be an environmental issue to overcome.  Choosing an alternate route at a higher cost may be worth it.

Number 6. (Six)

Norfolk-Southern Railroad – Although CSX earns an honorable mention, NS is the dominant freight mover in Georgia.  Their lines connect Savannah and Atlanta with other states and smaller lines connect smaller cities.  As railroads go, this is the most significant.  One of the largest Multimodal facilities in the world is in Austell.  Freight from Savannah arrives here and is sent out to places all over the region.

Number 5. (Five)

Atlanta Beltline – Not to be confused with I-285 that circles the city (and itself would be an honorable mention on this list), the Atlanta Beltline is here because it is a dream coming to live.  Urban neighborhoods are being connected via light rail, bicycle and walking trails with parks in between.  The goal is to lift these neighborhoods into significance again and offer walk-ability and a nice urban lifestyle.  Maybe it will succeed, possibly not.  It is a nice effort that is worth a number 5 spot on my list.