Everyone likes lists and especially Top Ten Lists.  David Letterman has been doing one for 3 decades or more.  I thought I would take a stab at a transportation list.  I wanted to highlight the most important transportation facilities in Georgia.  I do not want all of them to be automobile-based.  In fact I am attempting to identify items from different types of transportation.  In this post i want to start with #’s 10, 9 and 8.

Number 10 (Ten):

Chattahoochee River – Although not a river that carries freight or passenger cruises, this river is the heart and soul of the state   it is the source of drinking water for much of metro ATL, a place for boaters and rafters and it plays similar roles in Alabama and Florida.  There is certainly controversy between the three states over use of the river.  Alabama and Florida think Georgia use too much water.  Georgia thinks Florida is more concerned about some obscure fish habitat that people getting drinking water.  The fight over this mighty river will not end anytime soon.

Number 9 (Nine)

Appalachian Trail – The beginning of this mega-trail is near Amicalola Falls in north-central Georgia and attracts hikers from all over the world.  There are other trails in the state but this is the mother of them all.

Number 8 (Eight)

Silver Comet – This is Georgia’s best example of a ‘Rails-to’-Trails” bicycle trail.  I would like to ride it some day if i can get in good enough shape 🙂 .  It runs almost 62 miles form Smyrna to Alabama and then continues another 33 miles in Alabama to Anniston as the Chief Ladiga trail.  Cyclists come from all over to try out this one but it is also a local favorite.

To summarize I have done a river, a hiking trail and a bike trail.  Expect to see more of the traditional facilities in future posts.